Different Types of Gold You Can Sell

When people consider selling their gold belongings, the first items that come to mind are jewelry. It’s instinctive. We tend to remember such pieces because they’re attractive. Many of them were given as gifts; some of them once held memories that were forgotten years ago. Today, millions of people have old watches, bracelets, and rings packed away in storage boxes or hidden in the darkest corners of their home. These items can be easily sold for cash, their owners can receive thousands of dollars by selling them.

General information

Jewelry And Related Items

coinOne of the fallacies surrounding the sale of gold jewelry is that the individual pieces must be in great condition. In reality, buyers will often accept pieces that are broken or missing stones.

For example, suppose you own a ring for which the diamonds or other stones have been lost. If the band contains a significant amount of gold and has little emotional value to you, consider selling it. Likewise, suppose you own a broken bracelet, necklace, or watch. If you’re unwilling to have such items fixed, you may as well sell them for cash.

Coin Collections

A lot of people have coin collections that receive little to no attention. In some cases, the coins were collected as a child; they have since been stored away and forgotten. In other cases, the coins’ owner got married, started a family, and followed other pursuits, leaving very little time for him or her to devote to their collection.

There are Eagles, Double Eagles, Krugerrands, Stella, and other gold coins tucked away in garages and attics throughout the country. Hidden, they do little good for their owners. All can be sold for a quick infusion of cash. Keep in mind that few buyers (aside from other collectors) will offer the market value of such coins. That said, these collections might represent a healthy source of needed funds.

The Past Dental Work

Decades ago, much of the dental work performed by dentists was done using materials containing a substantial amount of gold. For example, it’s not uncommon for older people to have gold fillings that dropped out years ago stored in dresser drawers. The same is true for crowns and bridge work. These items will never again be used for their intended purpose. With the price of gold so high, now may be a good time to consider selling them.

Other Metals You Can Sell

coinSome buyers focus exclusively on gold pieces and will reject items made from other precious metals. Other buyers are willing to make a competitive offer for pieces containing silver, platinum, and palladium. That dramatically broadens the list of things you can sell.…