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Thierry Weinberg’s Double V Council

In today’s economy, it is truly difficult for a business to cope up with the operational costs. Everything has gone higher in price. If you take a look at the cost of electricity, fuel, tax, and other necessities in operating a business, you will definitely be overwhelmed, and you may ask yourself how the business companies are getting through it. A lot of companies are actually looking for ways to reduce their expenses in all aspects. Several organizations even resort to laying off some of their employees just to cut their expenses and survive in the business world. The other enterprises opt just to close the business because of the financial crisis.

Thierry Weinberg

graphIn France, Thierry Weinberg became famous because of Double V Council, which is an operational consulting firm. It is specializing in cost optimization as well as recovery of public subsidies to business companies. A lot of organizations have benefited on this, and it has made Thierry Weinberg the most sought-after business consultant.

Weinberg’s Double V Council

Double V Council was created back in 2009. It was established to assist business owners in recovering from hiring subsidies and also subsidized contracts. In 2012, Thierry Weinberg decided to expand the firm by widening its expertise. They then started to accommodate indirect purchasing companies. Now, Double V Council is optimizing cost items in small and medium enterprises, supply chain, telecommunications, energy, security, babysitting, maintenance, and many more. The firm has assisted in minimizing their expenditures like local tax, payroll, and expenses on rent.

Improvement of a company’s profitability

employeeAlso known as “cost-killing,” Double V Council, is focusing on the development of enterprises by improving their profitability. Through this, expenses are reduced giving way to more earnings that businesses can use in other aspects that would enhance their status. A huge number of business organizations were able to recover because of this idea that Thierry Weinberg initiated. Instead of dwelling on the long list of expenses, companies are enabled to eliminate some of it. Hence, they gain access to an additional fund that they can utilize in funding the other divisions of the company. This way, the business becomes more productive. There is no more need to lay off employees. Instead, more workers are given the chance to be employed and help in reaching the goals of the organization.…